4 Seasons  


In the winter of 2018, surrounded by snow and the Rocky Mountains, the leaders of five play development organizations retreated in Creede, Colorado: National Winter Playwrights Retreat of Colorado, Ignition Arts of Oklahoma, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference of Idaho, Tofte Lake Center of Minnesota, and the National New Play Network. Each organization is committed to the development of the American Playwright. Each organization has a distinctive approach to how it supports the playwright – and each of them quickly realized that together, their organizations could offer something substantial to a playwright. After much talk, tequila and laughter the 4 Seasons Residency was born. Our goal is to open a new path and lead the way to a new process for the development of new plays for the American Theatre.

There are no stories without writers.

You are the chronicler of our times and society. 


We want to hear your voice.

The 4 Seasons Residency is a year-long development opportunity with The National Winter Playwrights Retreat (CO), Ignition Arts (OKC), Seven Devils Playwrights Conference (ID), and Tofte Lake Center (MN), in collaboration with the National New Play Network (NNPN)

“Being the four seasons resident during this time of global crisis gave me so much more than development support for my work- I also connected to some of the most kind compassionate creative human beings during a period of isolation – and the seeds of relationship, collaboration and community that were planted will bear fruit for years to come.”

Jessica Huang, Inaugural 4 Seasons Playwright 2020


The residency begins in the home of its birth, The National Winter Playwrights Retreat. Ensconced in the mountains of Colorado…


From the mountains, lakes and forests, the residency moves to the stunning plains and open sky of Oklahoma. Home of Ignition Arts, the residency will…


The residency moves to the lake shore of McCall, Idaho, home of the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference. For almost 20 years, Seven Devils has given birth to some of the most important plays…



The Northwoods of Minnesota provide the background for Tofte Lake Center’s residencies, where artists and organizations find a place to re-energize and focus on the creativity that drives their work.


The power of this residency is the Network. As the playwright moves from season to season and from organization to organization, they will connect with collaborators and organizations that can impact and support their work. Culminating as an invited VIP guest of the National New Play Network’s New Play Showcase, the residency provides the playwright an opportunity to network with NNPN’s active community-at-large.


Five New Play Development organizations want to change how things are done.

New Voices

American Playwrights

Do it a different way


Nine American Playwrights have been nominated.

Composed of playwrights from all over the United States, these are some of the most vibrant and unique voices in American Theatre today.  The 4 Seasons Residency cultivates early to mid-career playwrights over the course of a calendar year in four distinct locales giving time and space to playwrights who will add to the canon meaningful roles for women and artist of color. 

Playwrights are the R&D of the American Theatre.

We need playwrights to innovate. When we look back in history, we talk about the leaders and cultural achievements of a society. People speak of Shakespeare, Sophocles, Moliere  and Chekhov but how many women and playwrights of color have been lost to history. It’s time to change that.  We need our storytellers to challenge and question who we are.


Become a part of the 4 Seasons and help us  support new American stories.  

Change how things are done.